Charles Howland

Charlie Howland

Charles Howland is President and Chief Engineer of Warwick Mills based in New Ipswich, NH.  Howland is the author of over 60 patents or patents pending on textile constructions, specializing in material science solutions for aerospace textiles, protective garments and body armor, needle-resistant fabrics, cut-resistant gloves, impermeable laminates for chemical and biological hazards among others. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the course of thirty years of material science work, Howland has focused on improving a substrate’s adhesion performance by investigating the surface analysis and surface modification technologies for products involving coating, lamination and mosaic assembly.

During his career at Warwick, he has brought many products lines from inception, through research and development, test and evaluation, to final commercialization. Howland developed new material for NASA’s Mars Exploration program, creating the rugged Vectran-fiber composite for the inflatable landing bags for the Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity missions. Howland’s airship material innovations include Light Film Technologies processes and equipment to create structural seams which are stronger than the parent material for durability in harsh environmental conditions. Howland lead an investigative research team at Warwick to provide over 90,000 stab protective panels worn by the Dutch National Police. Howland was also the principal investigator for work funded by the US Army to develop a more durable ChemBio laminate to be used in mobile medical tents that would be impermeable to Saron, Vx, and Thickened Gd.  Prior to joining Warwick, he was the Program Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation for the manufacturing system for advanced Surface Mount interconnect and chip to substrate bonding using Tape Automated Bonding methods. Howland also worked for Michelin Tire Corporation where he designed new tire products and methods for polyester and steel fiber reinforcement systems in truck tires.